Top Ten Thai Dishes

The South-East Asian country, Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations today. Every year, thousands of tourists from different parts of the world visit this country to spend a memorable vacation. There are several reasons that have added to the popularity of this country. The wide range of activities and affordable holiday deals are obviously the most important reasons behind tourist attractions. Nowadays, many companies have established their offices in Thailand, and the country also attracts numerous people for professional reasons. Whether you are planning a trip to Thailand for professional reasons, or just for an entertaining holiday, you should taste the mouthwatering dishes offered here. Whether you are in Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya, you should taste the Thai dishes in your trip. Thai cuisines have received immense popularity among the tourists. If you do not check out the dishes, your trip will certainly remain incomplete. However, if you do not have any idea of the popular Thai dishes, and do not want to take a chance with unknown cuisines, you can check out the top ten Thai dishes.

1. Pad Thai Or Fried Noodle

Pad Thai or the fried noodle preparation is one of the most popular Thai dishes. Prepared with vegetables, fish sauce, eggs, tamarind juice, crushed peanuts, red chili pepper and other seasonings, Pad Thai is available in almost all eateries. However, for the best taste, you should opt for the fresh cooked noodles.

2. Kang Keaw Wan Kai or Chicken Curry(Green)

The name might not initially allow you to experiment with the dish. However, if you taste it, you will surely like this little spicy and sweet chicken curry. Prepared with sugar, fish sauce, coconut milk and green chili paste, this chicken curry is an excellent side dish with rice.

3. Tom Kha Kai Or Chicken In Coconut Milk Soup

Tom Kha Kai is one of the most popular chicken soups offered in Thailand. Prepared with different types of edible herbs, this soup is high on nutritional values. If you prefer non-spicy dish, this is for you. Yet, if you want you can get it seasoned with fish sauce, lime and chili.

4. Tom Yam Goong or Spicy Shrimp Soup

When you are in Thailand, you should taste shrimp preparations at least once. The sour and spicy, Tom Yam Goong is one of the traditional dishes of Thailand, and is known to be the most popular shrimp soups prepared in Thailand. You can undoubtedly refer it as the signature dish of this country.

5. Tom Yam Gai or Chicken Soup(Spicy)

The clear chicken soup, Tom Yam Gai enjoys popularity among people who are not very much fond of the shrimp dishes. Though this is a less spicy soup, you can add fish sauce, chili and lime seasonings to make it delicious.

6. Panaeng or Meat in Spicy Coconut Cream

If you are looking for beef or pork dishes, Panaeng is for you. The sweet and spicy dish can be prepared with pork, beef and even chicken. This preparation is best served with steamed rice. Similar to Thai red curry, it has a rich and thick gravy, which makes it perfect side-dish with rice.

7. Moo Sa-Te or Grilled Pork Sticks with Turmeric

Moo Sa-Te is also a popular pork recipe in Thailand. Curry powder and turmeric sauce, when added to grilled pork brings a mouthwatering taste. If you want to taste some yummy pork preparations, you should not miss this dish. Served with saucy dips, this dish is available in almost all the restaurants.

8. Som Tam or Spicy Papaya Salad

Spicy Papaya Salad or Som Tam is known for its sour and spicy flavor. This spicy salad is prepared with fresh vegetables like tomato, beans and papaya. Served with sticky rice and grilled chicken, Som Tam will surely make you fall in love with Thai cuisines.

9. Gai Pad Met Mamuang or Cashew Nuts In Stir-Fried Chicken

Gai Pad Met Mamuang does not match with the conventional Thai dishes. Yet, it is one of the most popular Thai preparations. The salty and sweet fried chicken and cashew nut is best for someone who is not fond of spicy or sour dishes. It is also ideal for children.

10. Por Pia Tord or Fried Spring Roll

If you are looking for the perfect appetizer, fried spring roll or the Por Pia Tord is for you. Served with sweet and sour sauce, this appetizer is not very spicy, and will not affect your diet chart to a great extent.

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