Our Mind Can Change the World

Meditation for Peace

Our Mind Can Change the World

Change the World

Do you agree with me that our mind has a great power on everything? If yes, that’s o.k. but if no, please follow my article carefully then you may change your mind .

As we’ve seen nowadays, the world is changing in a negative way. There is no peace at all which influences on many kinds of things. For instance, the weather is hotter than before. The climate always changes. The habits of the people become rude and stern. Why? Because sharing love disappears from people’s mind.

Millions of beautiful words have already been said. They all sound very good but nothing has yet happened. Why should we continue to waste time speaking these millions of words when there is one method that is the easiest, most direct and quickest to make peace a reality? Everybody can practice, every gender, every age, every nationality, every religion and every race but everybody must practice it together regularly everyday.

That is just  close our eyes gently and relax our body, collect our mind and keep it still at the center of our body until the cool brightness appears within along with incomparable happiness. Love and good wishes to all will happen automatically. After that share these kinds of love and wishes to others. All of our differences and conflicts will dissolve.

In conclusion, you can see that when our mind is pure, love and good wishes will appear. If everyone’s mind in every family is like that, every family in a district, every district in the province, every province in a country and every country in the world, what will happen? The real peace will be certainly brought back to our world again. That’s what I said “ Our mind can really change the world”.
Credit Link – http://meditation.dmc.tv/peace/Our-Mind-Can-Change-the-World.html


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