Advance Course – Advance in Life

The Letter from MMC
Advance Course – Advance in Life

Edited from the Inner Dream Kindergarten Program broadcasting on DMC

Namaste the Most Ven. Luang Phaw with the highest respect

I am Pascuala Miller.  I am a Mexican American.  I am irreligious but I honor and respect all religions.  I also love to find the truths of life. I always learn that the inner voice never lies and we will take part with god from inside.  I had a chance to know Dhammakaya Texas Temple and I travelled to join the ceremonies on Magha Puja Day in 2010.  I decided to be trained about the meditation in the Middle Way Retreat Program at the Intermediate level.

I love meditation.  Meditation makes me to have morality and living smart.  My life is better because I have the better feeling, am able to let the detached things go and accept everything happened.  Meditation makes me to have a pure mind.  I am always appreciated with the meditation creator.  I visited Thailand in this time with some objectives.  The first one was to join the Middle Way Advance Course because I would like to meditate deeper than ever and the important thing was I would like to improve myself to be the MMC in the Middle Way Advance Course.  I and my friends learned many special things such as Dhamma, Chanting including to the Buddhist Customs e.g. the right way to clean something.  These make us to know that every movement we can remind of the center of the body and meditate all the times.  And that will bring the inner peace easier.

The night before the final day of the program we meditated continuously about 6 hours.  It was so great and exciting like we were back to the Luang Phu’s Time to doing Vijja.  When we prepared everything ready, we began to meditate.  In that time I was relaxed.  When I did for a while, I felt more relaxed.  My mind was calm and still.  It was stiller and still in still.

My body was very light and seemingly bodiless.  Suddenly, there was a bright spot.  It looked like a clear crystal emerging at the center of my body.  That light became brighter and finally, it appeared as the petals of lotus.  Then, the lotus was bigger and bigger and became to be the crystal one.  It gave me the soft touch for a moment and became nothing.  The moon replaced it immediately.  It was the bright white moon.  It was very big which I had never seen before.  The time passed very fast that it was hard to believe that it was six hours.  I was happy most, felt peaceful and was full of love which I was ready to share it to the world.  So were my friends in this program, so additional 14 people decided to volunteer as the MMC.  The total of peace ambassadors is 30 now but we still need more because MMC project is the world class project which is waiting for everybody to join and do it successfully.  I believe that a lot of people still yearn for the inner peace but they don’t know how to do.  So they still need the right help from us, MMC.  I believe in meditation.  I practice meditation and begin to introduce it to the world.


I would like to thank Luang Phaw very much that I usually learn many good things from you.  Many times that I saw you, I can understand what you say like you say in English.  I think that you do everything with the opened mind for creating the peace to the world.  You really are the great model and I would like to follow you.

Last but not least, I would like to invite the foreigners to step forward bravely to become one of us, the MMC, to introduce meditation to the world together.  And tomorrow (Sunday December 19th, 2010) at 4.30 – 6.00 p.m. there will be the MMC Change the World seminar at SPD 7 in the International Dhammakaya Meditation Hall.  I would like to invite and persuade people who have the foreigners’ network to join this seminar for expanding the inner peace to 208 countries around the world together.

Namaste with the highest respect
Pascuala Miller

Some data of the 1st Middle Way Advance Course
Training Period:  November 21st, 2010 – December 19th, 2010 (29 total days)
Trainee:     19 persons
From USA: 5 persons, Switzerland: 4 persons, Singapore: 4 persons, Thailand: 3 persons, France: 1 person, Austria: 1 person and Germany: 1 person.
The 2nd Middle Way Advance Course will be held during June 10th, 2011 – July 7th, 2011.

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