Things to Prepare before Meditation

I’ve found a very good website regarding Inner-Peace (through Meditation) and would like to help them spread the words as well as sharing my blog’s visitors of these great things!!

I’m willing to share some of key contents. Meantimes, you’re encouraged to visit the Original WebPage anytime as per below Link….

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Things to Prepare and Select Before Starting the Meditation Session:

  1. Seat for meditation with necessary amount of cushion
  2. Mind free from expectation, worry, thought, tension, and excitement
  3. Before sitting down, select an initial “Inner Meditation Object” of choice to begin the meditation with (i.e. Sun, Moon, Star, Ping Pong Ball, Tennis Ball, etc.) for the purpose of making the mind calm, pure, and content so that when meditating, feelings of discontentment, inconsistency or boredom with the meditation object will be avoided.
  4. Word Phrase, or “Mantra”, of choice (i.e. “Clear and Bright, Clear and Bright, Clear and Bright”) to aid in stabilizing a wandering mind
  5. Resolution prayer for reciting after the meditation is over (i.e. for dedication, help with the various aspects of life, blueprint/plan for the future, etc.)


Summary of Meditation Steps:

  1. Assuming “peace position” meditation posture on floor, chair, or sofa
  2. Relaxation of body and then mind
  3. Consistent gentle “Interiorization” of awareness and concentration to a comfortable point in central area of the body; Can then use a mental object in the center
  4. Complete stillness and equanimity of mind in the center. Observation from this moment onward with neutrality and detachment to whatever may arise or occur; If thoughts arise, one can combine mental object with a word phrase (i.e. “Clear and Bright”)
  5. Before getting up: Spread the LOVE to all beings
  6. Recite a prepared resolution or prayer


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